Frequently Asked Questions

Are all rental costs the same whether it is a wedding or other event?
No, weddings and privately hosted events are priced differently than non-profit events like group sales or fundraising events.

What time does my event have to end?

Is smoking allowed?
No smoking is allowed inside the building and is only allowed in designated outdoor areas.

Can I have my ceremony at Warehouse 6 and is there a fee?
Yes. If you plan to have an on-site ceremony, we advise your guest count to not exceed 100. We suggest that it be an outdoor ceremony if you choose this option. The only fee that you would be charged is extra hours.

Are tables and chairs provided?
Tables and chairs are provided in the total cost.

Can I use the patio space?
Yes! The patio space is included for all events.

How far in advance can I reserve the space?
We are currently booking for 18 months out.

How much does it cost to rent the space?
Please contact us with your event information to receive pricing.

How do I secure my event date for the space I want?
A non-refundable 50% deposit is required, along with the signed contract to secure your space. The balance is due in full 60 days before your event.

What if my event is canceled?
Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. Your non-refundable deposit secures the date you book. Also, the final payment is due promptly 60 days before the event. If payment is not received on time, you will forfeit your space. Exceptions will be considered at the discretion of the venue manager in cases of unavoidable hardship.

Do you have food and beverage minimums?
No. Warehouse 6 is an event space and has no on-site catering. Since we do not have an on-site caterer, we allow our clients to choose any caterer and beverage service.                  Providers must sign a vendor contract prior to the event to work with us for this & all future events.

What are the options for a getting ready space prior to my event?
Warehouse 6 does not have designated rooms for you to get ready in. We can help connect you with local businesses to give you space for this purpose.

Do I have to provide insurance for my event?
No. You do not need personal wedding insurance although we do recommend it. For a small fee, wedding insurance covers any personal sickness, deaths, and more.

Can I provide my own alcohol?
Yes, for a small fee you can provide your own alcohol as long as you have a T.I.Ps certified bartender.

When can we start setting up for our event?
Your setup time starts at the time of your contracted rental time. Additional set-up time may be discussed with your venue manager.

Can I have my rehearsal here the day before my wedding?
As long as we do not have an event previously scheduled, we offer the space for a discounted rate. Your venue manager will be there to run the rehearsal as well. Due to the number of events and rehearsal requests, your date and time cannot be guaranteed until 90 days out.

When do I need to have everything out of the space?
We require everything out of the space at the end of your event, unless you have chosen extended rental for pickup/cleanup the following morning. This must be arranged in advance with our venue manager.

What is required for cleanup?
All rentals and anything else brought in for setup must be removed from the space. The catering service is responsible for the end of the night clean up as well as removing all trash accumulated from the event.

Are there decorating restrictions?
Yes. Decorations may not be stapled, nailed, glued, or taped to any surfaces. No glitter, confetti, birdseed, rice, or similar allowed. No fireworks or sparklers inside, and only outside when approved by Warehouse 6’s venue manager prior to the event. Candles are allowed – but flameless candles are recommended.

Do you have a sound system?
We do have a basic sound system that is good for playing light music. We recommend that a DJ provide any additionally needed sound equipment or another privately set up system to be safe.

Do I have to hire someone from your preferred vendor’s list?
We recommend you hire a caterer on our list, however, if you would like to go off the list and provide your own, you may. They must be approved as well. All other vendors are open and you may choose whomever you’d like.

Do you have rentals or things we can use for our event?
Yes, we have a list of items you may rent from us for your event. Otherwise, you’re more than welcome to bring in your own decor items.

Are there any other restrictions on my event?
Yes, management must approve all vendors. The venue manager will be present during your event day to make sure the rules and regulations are followed. As a reminder, this is an event space and we do not have on-site staff doing things like setup/teardown, serving, catering, assisting, etc. We ask that you coordinate and work with our venue manager to cover all of the details of your day.

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